Anonymous asked:

How did you make the cover of your 'This is not a book' ? Its amazing! :-) I love it. So inspired to draw, been having like "writers block" but for drawing for months now but that picture made me excited again :-)

That’s awesome! And thank you! I just used micron pens for the dreamcatcher part (I started with the circles) and then filled in color around it with a sponge! Glad you like it!

Anonymous asked:

How did u paint the cover of WTJ? I was looking for cover ideas and i liked urs 💝😊

Thanks! I just painted with black acrylic paint around the “wreck this journal” part, then made some sloppy little daisies, also with acrylic paint!

myart-sophie asked:

I know this isn't a question but i just wanted to say how much finding your account has inspired me to het creative with my wreck this journal-i've had it a while but havent done very much, so thank you again for your amazing journal and creativeness!! :)

You are so sweet! Thank you so much! I really appreciate all the compliments, likes, and reblogs I get on this account! I have awesome followers ^_^

Anonymous asked:

How do you paint galaxys?

First, I start with a black background. Then I use a foam makeup sponge and dab it in a very, very small amount of acrylic paint (whatever colors I want for the galaxy-usually pinks, blues, and purples). The sponge is key because it soaks up most of the paint and leaves you with enough to make it look wispy and transparent. Then, for the stars, I use an old, stiff paintbrush (or a toothbrush), dipped in a little bit of water and some white paint, then I brush it with my thumb to flick the paint!
Hope this helps! I’ll try to make a video soon :)